When the building next to her law practice came on the market, Attorney Renee C. Bauer of the Bauer Law Group, LLC seized an opportunity.

“The practice has grown immensely since I first hung out my shingle in 2007.We had the need for more space and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. Bridging the two buildings gave us another conference room and access to both buildings without going outside.”  Because she exclusively practices family law, clients sometimes bring their children into the office, and sometimes the attorneys in her firm represent children in legal matters. “I wanted to create a space for the children that didn’t seem so formal. We designated an area in the office that comes complete with a television, children’s dvds and toys. Now children can be occupied while their parents are meeting with the attorneys, or we can meet with the children that we represent in a less intimidating space.”  While the Bauer Law Group has evolved in size over the years,  Attorney Bauer is committed  to keeping the business in Hamden.

When Attorney Renee C. Bauer decided that family law was going to be her specialty it was not because she had visions of making a name for herself in the industry but rather because she saw a need to help families going through the divorce process do so with dignity and self-respect. “While divorce is an end of something, it is also the beginning of a newly defined family with a new set of rules and challenges,” she says of the practice. “This matter has affected my life both personally and professionally and I am fortunate enough to know what it is like to co-parent in an effective way. I also see what happens to families and children when the parents cannot co-parent.” From these beliefs, her practice grew.

She started off as a business of one. “The business started to grow, our client base grew, and our reach across the state grew.” She now employs an associate, a paralegal, and office manager. “I want clients to feel like they are being heard when they come to us. Customer service is the foundation of what we do. We are accessible to our clients. Our goal is to solve problems by offering support, individual attention, and consideration to each and every one of our clients. We take a firm and aggressive approach when our clients’ rights are at stake, while still maintaining a cooperative and respectful attitude in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.” The practice engages in family and matrimonial law litigation as well mediation, collaborative law, and guardian ad litem work.

Her mission to educate the public does not end with her clients. Recognizing that there were few reliable resources available to Connecticut residents about the divorce process, she authored the book, Divorce in Connecticut (Addicus Books, 2014). She further authored the children’s book, Percy’s Imperfectly Perfect Family (Archway Publishing, 2014). “This book was meant to help parents start a conversation with their children about what divorce feels like and how children can deal with it by talking.” She likewise co-developed a web and phone application to assist parents with sharing information about their children. The application called Parent Co-Pilot can be downloaded for free from her website, www.FamilyLawyerCT.com.

Attorney Bauer has been recognized in the industry as a leader in her field. She was most recently awarded the prestigious award of 2015 Litigation Department of the Year by the Connecticut Law Tribune. She frequently contributes articles to legal publications and is called upon by the media to comment on relevant topics.

“This job is not stagnant.  Families and their needs change,” she says. “If I can do something to help families through what may be one of the most difficult times of their lives, then I have done something worthwhile.”

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