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90th Anniversary Murder Mystery Gala

90th Anniversary Murder Mystery Gala


Ray Andrewsen as Vinnie Mad Dog Cole
Michelle Johnston as Marlena Dootrics
Maria Phillips as Diamond Jubilee
Nancy Dudchik as Jennifer Luciado
Guy Tomasi as Lucky Luciado
Ned Burt as Larry “Pretty Boy” Storch
Don Camerato as Henry “Specs” Nelson
Bernie Pelligrino as Bernie the Bartender
Ian Williams as Inspector Elliot Mess
Miriam James as Prohibitionist, Carrie Notions
Alice Avalone as Lilian Bliss
Karen DelCharo as Greta Grabo
Terri Santillo as Clara Balough
Joni Christiansen as Barbara Sandwich
Pat Moreggi as Lil Hangover
Paula Ryan as Carol Lumbar
Pat Leary as Billy Biglove
Liz Grizwald as Cigarette Girl, Tootsie Larue

Stage Manager: Marjorie Clark

Special thanks to:

MotoPhoto and Portrait Studio

Cascades Fine Catering